Human killed human (or simply humans that died)
These are my educated guesses at to what happened in various "human killed human" events.

Paul Wellstone (10-25-2002)
09/11/2001 (09-11-2001)
Phil Hartman (05-28-1998)
Diana Spencer Mountbatten-Windsor (Princess Diana) (08-31-1997)
Ron Goldman and Nicole Simpson (10-03-1995)
Kurt Cobain (04-05-1994)
John Candy (03-04-1994)
Vicki Morgan (07-07-1983)
John Belushi (03-05-1982)
Bob Marley (05-11-1981)
John Lennon (12-08-1980)
Elvis Presley (08-16-1977)
Jim Morrison (03-07-1971)
Janis Joplin (10-04-1970)
Jimi Hendrix (09-18-1970)
Robert F Kennedy (06-05-1968)
Martin Luther King Jr (04-04-1968)
John F Kennedy (11-23-1963)
Marilyn Monroe (08-05-1962)

Paul Wellstone (10-25-2002)
It seems possible to me that Wellstone was murdered by Nazistic right-wing conservative republican thugs. This is typical of the kind of thing we can expect when people that killed JFK, RFK, and orchestrated 9/11/01 are in the highest positions of power, using secret thought hearing technology and camera networks to dominate the ignorant vastly underinformed public. He was one of only 23 senator humans to vote against the Iraq invasion, and he did this only 14 days before his death. It's shocking that Hillary Clinton and John Kerry both supported that barbaric invasion.
12/14/06 update: It looks some what clear that Wellstone was murdered, and can you believe it Republicans murdered another liberal, how unusual is that? Because check out the book and in particular the review by David Ray Griffen at :
. If Griffen is saying that there is a coverup I think we should basically accept that there is and Wellstone was murdered. Heyo, the people we pay in the FBI we there within hours, serving in their traditional role of collecting, destroying and stopping any evidence from reaching the public.

Best 9/11 truth movies (not in order):
1) In Plane Site
2) Loose Change
-I prefer the second edition, but they all have good info in them
3) 9/11 Explosive Evidence: Experts Speak Out
4) Zero: An investigation into 9/11
-really smart movie about 9/11, very professional looking and well funded, look at the list of credits which is huge, with an amazing musical score performed by an orchestra.
5) 9/11 Mysteries
-The horizontal line of the television being turned off, may be an analogy of when the murderer's D2BW is finally turned off
6) "The 9/11 News Special you never saw", Barry Zwicker
7) 9/11 and the American Empire, 2005 David Ray Griffin talk in Madison, Wisconsin (and see other talks)
8) Operation Terror, Art Olivier
- nice re-enactment- no d2b but there is hinting, fills in a lot of blanks
9) Painful Deceptions
10) South Park 9/11 episode
11) Ripple Effect
12) "September 11 - The New Pearl Harbor"

9/11 truth songs (not in order):
1) "Inside Job" Roy Shivers
2) "9/11 Was An Inside Job"
3) Free Bees 9/11 is a lie
4) Immortal Technique - Bin Laden ft. Eminem , Mos Def and Jadakiss (perhaps the most well known and funded of all 9/11-truth songs)
5) 9/11 was an inside job
6) 9/11 was an inside job y'all", Ted Huntington
7) 9/11 was an inside job, ScootleRoyale
8) "An Inside Job" (parody of Monster Mash)
9) 9/11 (was an inside job)
10) Reichstag Fire - David Rovics
11) Reichstag Fire - Ted Huntington

Biggest 9/11-truth heroes (not in order):
Richard Gage, (and all the signers of that petition)
David Ray Griffin
Stephen Jones
In Plane Site crew: David Von Kleist and William Lewis
Bob Bowman
Ed Asner
Dr. Neils Harrit
Dr. A. K. Dewdney
Kevin Ryan
Alex Jones
Jesse Ventura
Jimmy Walter
Webster Griffin Tarpley
Thierry Maison
Peter Dale Scott
William Rodriguez
Bob McIlvaine
Abby Martin
Loose Change crew: Dylan Avery, Korey Rowe, Jason Bermas and Matthew Brown
John Hankey

Likely post-9/11 martyrs (not in order)
1) Barry Jennings, WTC7 witness who testified that there were explosions in WTC7 and dead bodies
2) Danny Jowenko, controlled demolition expert who testified on video that WTC7 is a controlled demolition
3) Lynn Margulis, supported 9/11 truth on AE911truth video
4) Bob Bowman, the closest a 9/11-truth person has so far been to being elected into US Congress.

Celebrities/Popular people that openly question the 9/11 official story
1) Charlie Sheen
2) Rosie O'Donnell
3) Michael Moore
4) Rosanne Barr

Biggest 9/11-lie villians:
1) George Bush jr, US President
2) Dick Cheney, US Vice President
3) Donald Rumsfeld
4) Mark Loizeaux, Controlled Demolition
5) Richard Myers, US General

Major 9/11 accessories after the fact:
1) Popular Mechanics
2) John McCain, US Senator

Most unusual 9/11 acce$$ories and post-9/11 Bush-Cheney supporters (not in order):
Bill Mahr- recommends asking doctor about psychiatric meds (Paxil)
2) Dennis Miller, after knowing 9/11 was controlled demolition Miller promoted Bush jr. for re-election in 2004 saying of the Democratic candidates: "I haven't seen a starting nine like that since the '62 Mets."
3) Penn & Teller, in one "Bullshit" episode- very few facts- just labeling the truth as crazy, advocate assault of anybody reading a 9/11-truth book
4) Michael Shermer, publisher of "Skeptic" magazine
5) Bill Clinton "9/11 was an Osama Bin Laden job!" to people chanting "9/11 was an inside job!"
6) Barack Obama "let us be clear: al-Qaeda killed nearly 3000 people that day". The repubs must have been clinking their bubbly with thought-audio of "yer one of us now!", we have to remember that even RFK was somehow arm twisted into vocally advocating the Warren report- fortunately Jim Garrison wasn't. Perhaps they d2b'd 2 headlines onto Obama's eyes- "Obama caught in scandel", or "Obama condemns 9/11 conspiracy" and then present an agreement to e-sign. But notice the possible ambiguity in Obama's phrase, unlike Clinton who was apparently speaking off-the-cuff, Obama's words were pre-planned and so probably made more accurate and ambiguous- for example- Obama doesn't say how the 3000 people were killed, and it could be thought somewhat accurate to say that Bush, Cheney, Loizeaux, etc. those who actually murdered the 3000 victims of 9/11 were, and are, or are pretending to be, in principle, "members" of al-Qaeda. Update: 10/15/2014: Seeing a David Ray Griffin talk helped me to find an even more explicit quote of Obama accessorizing for the 9/11 murderers, on 12/01/2009. Not too cool! Not too honest. Here is a quote: On September 11, 2001, 19 men hijacked four airplanes and used them to murder nearly 3,000 people. ...". It shows, I think, the power of the D2BW shriner-like club- they basically totally control the US government, and are far removed from honest stop violence humans. The reps and other D2BW consumers have to follow a D2B owner Grand Poohba Simon-says, even when D2BW-Simon says "lie to protect murderers".
7) Arnold Schwarzenegger, at the time Governor of California, at the 2004 Republican National Convention, certainly knowing by then that 9/11 was a controlled demolition, Schwarzenegger speaks in favor of Bush jr. saying for example: "He's a leader who don't flinch, who doesn't waiver, and does not back down!"-it's stomach turning- just like the Nazi rally's of the 1930s, earlier in part 2 he talks about how he found Richard Nixon to be a good leader too.
8) 10/14/2014: Rachel Maddow, just found this out- somewhat surprising- Maddow (and anybody who knowingly accessorizes for the 9/11, or any other murderers), has lost all credibility in my opinion. How can you trust somebody who can tell such a big lie with a straight face? As we progress farther into this age of rnraw, you have to realize, no matter who you are, that you can never get away with a lie, because many millions of humans will eventually see all the videos that show the truth. Maddow's video probably does trick a lot of innocent d2bw denied humans. Maddow rejects the "inside job" theory and supports the Popular Mechanics book on 9/11 (Abby Martin on RussiaToday criticized Maddow about this). Like so many of the accessories- Maddow presumably doesn't need the money that they must be paid to accessorize for the 9/11 murderers, but that is no excuse anyway. Really tough to find any honesty or honorable people on television- in particular knowing about rnraw and d2bw. 10/16/14 update: probably the television 9/11 acce$$ories argue (currently just to the secret "thought-hearing"/candid-cam audience) "by ridiculing the people that doubt the official theory of 9/11/2001, we made many more people aware that there are a few people that doubt the 9/11 official theory than if we had remained silent" and "the only way that both sides could agree to our raising the issue of 9/11, and that people doubt the official theory to the public, on television, was if we condemn, and ridicule such theories and people.". But, yet, other television stations have even talked directly to people who doubt the official theory of 9/11/2001 without rejecting or ridiculing them, so this argument, doesn't really seem valid to me. Beyond that- accessorizing for a bunch of murderers is a really stupid and risky thing to do- because, even though, it's free thought and free speech, you are instantly grouped together as a team-member and accomplice of the 9/11 murderers.

Since I am excluded, I can only guess, we can work together to put together the basic timeline, that the included must have together very well by now. This is basically what I have put together from various free videos on 2749 murders. Here is one timeline: timeline
What happened to AA77 and UA93 is a real mystery. And one important fact is that, the people in the government have not made their case. They have not produced enough video to convince me of their story, and most of the images that have leaked out to the public, which is a tiny trickle, only appear to add doubt to their story.
12/14/06 update. Ok this timeline has many flaws, and I am going to try an clean it up, but it is a massive story. The shortest insider video alone runs 30 minutes, and that probably skips most of the details. hopefully the public will get to see all these videos real soon. I know I'm looking forward to seeing them, and ofcourse, they have to exist and be highly informative and entertaining.

3/20/2000 - 4/7/2000 filming for the Fox show: "The Lone Gunman", where US gov takes over a plane and tries to fly the plane into a WTC building, but fails because the pilot gains control of the plane. Clearly this plan is apparent in the camera-thought network by military hawks in "The Project for the New American Century". 9/11 will perhaps be run as a military drill of hijacked planes that will be simulated by military planes intended to collide with the two World Trade Center buildings, but, according to the official simulation, will pull out if they are not intercepted by the time they reach NY City Airspace. But ofcourse, because of the nature of the camera-thought net, most people are aware that this will be no drill, but an act of terrorism committed by conservatives in the Bush administration, US military, CIA, FBI, Controlled Demolition, and defense industry.
11/07/2000 Bush jr wins US Presidency. The possibility of actually doing the WTC plan becomes a reality.
12/12/2000 Supreme Court ends recount. Bush jr is now uncontested President of US, and WTC plan can move forward.
01/01/2001 Bush jr is officially President.
03/04/2001 "The Lone Gunman" is aired, just under a year after being filmed.
06/01/2001 Cheney orders Rumsfeld to put plane interception to under VP, clearly details of plane highjacking are set by now.

07/24/2001 Larry Silverstein gets lease to WTC1 and 2. This will allow dynamite to be installed? Perhaps it could have been installed even without Silverstein in control?
9/6/2001 WTC buildings 1,2 and 7 wired with explosives during unusual drills, allowed by WTC security "Securacom" company with Bush brother Marvin Bush. Bomb sniffing dogs removed. This may take months, as one employee says that dust (from drilling holes for explosives) covered the furniture, and large amounts of dust from construction, not dust that accumulates like in your house. Other evidence is that it takes time to wire explosives. Maybe it only took a weekend, but more likely it did take a month. What is the power outage for then? perhaps to destroy any video from security cameras just before the event, cameras that would show work people going in and out of the WTC buildings [come to think of it, where are those videos? I would be surprised if the security kept the videos in the same building...that is never a good idea, but maybe they did, which means that they would a been blown to smithereens].
09/09/2001 Jeb Bush signs order to make Florida under martial law, but does not reveal it until 9/11/2001 two days later.
7:59a AA Flight 11 (with 92 people) takes off (for LAX) from Logan airport in Boston
8:14a AA Flight 11 stops responding to air traffic control, airplane controls are taken over by military satellite emergency control(?). NORAD stands down and does not follow routine to send planes to intercept AA11 (because Chaney had Rumsfeld change the protocol so that they need to be contacted, as one of the largest bottlenecks in beaurocratic history...a single person responsible for the intercept protocol, and then are conveniently unavailable on 9/11). AA11 is made to land (probably all part of the 9/11 drill using the excuse of a bomb feared on board). The Northwoods plan called for CIA passengers who would only be declared dead. Didn't they think non-media people might check to find relatives of the people? Perhaps they would have been people with few or no relatives, definitely relatives in the camera thought net if any. Clearly the planes that hit the towers are military planes. This is confirmed numerous times by a number of people. Were the planes switched or was there never a Flight 11? A military plane equipped with a missile painted like an American Airlines plane starts it's role in the 9/11 "drill" which most included people know by now is no drill.
8:14a UA Flight 175 (with 65 people) takes off (for LAX) from Logan airport in Boston
8:20a AA Flight 77 (with 64 people) takes off (for LAX) from Dulles in DC.
*8:46:40a A military plane with no passengers, remotely controlled (by satellite?) (the republicans and major media will report is AA Flight 11) equipped with a missile, flies into WTC 1 (north) between 94th and 98th floors. Perhaps there are some in the camera-thought net that actually are surprised that the plane does not pull out at the last minute, but then, there must have been overwhelming evidence that the 9/11 plan was not a legitimate drill. There clearly are included who are not aware of the 9/11 plan.
8:47a UA Flight 93 (with 44 people) takes off from Newark, NJ (for SFO)
8:52a UA Flight 175 changes course. Again this is the official story, and so who knows how much is true if any? Probably this plane like the others is forced to land in Ohio and all passengers made to evacuate, the excuse being "a bomb feared on board", as is probably scripted in the drill plan.
8:56a AA Flight 77 transponder is disabled. (military takes over plane controls with satellite). I think it is relatively clear that there were no hijackers since none were on the flight list, and military planes hit the towers. Many of the supposed hijackers are people who are still alive and so obviously were not involved with 9/11, but probably 4 or 5, like Atta, were simply CIA-ISI-funded "throw-away" people- probably blown up with the other passengers completely unaware of their role as patsies in the 9/11 plan.
9:00 am Bush enters classroom for safety. Coincidence that it is near 9am? What video is being beamed onto his brain and shown in front of his eyes? Bush sits with children for safety during critical time of WTC collisions, in state where brother is governor, in case of democrat/law abiding/other side retaliation against him.
9:02:50 A few seconds before the second wirelessly steered military plane collides with WTC2, a reichstag neocon human detonates explosives in the basement to weaken the building's base suport (possibly also an unsuccessful attempt to bring down WTC2). William Rodriguez testifies to this fact, and Felipe David is living proof of this explosion as he was badly burned from it. The claims of jet fuel are wrong because Rodriguez distinctly remembers hearing the loud boom below seconds earlier than the one above, in addition, the building elevators are sealed to prevent fire spreading in the elevator shafts.
*9:03 am A second military plane painted blue-gray with a circular logo, again flown by remote control with no passengers on board, (republican insiders and the media will report that this plane is UA Flight 175) flies into WTC 2 (south) between floors 78 and 84. This plane has a missile attached to the bottom to guarantee that the fuel will ignite and little evidence will remain for survivors to carry out. Live video of the collision, perhaps from a satellite camera, is beamed directly onto Bush jr's head. Bush jr is videotaped smiling, claps 4 or 5 times, and looks to assistants to share in the excitement. Bush jr with big smile claps 4 or 5 times just after WTC2 is hit
9:06a Andrew Card whispers in Bush jr's ear.
9:19a a videotape runs out, and Bush jr is still in the classroom, but Time and others lie about Bush leaving at 9:12am. Bush and staff go to empty classroom until 9:29a.
9:29a Bush gives quick speech and is not seen until the evening.
9:30a Bush jr is rushed out of school by secret service
9:37a A missile (or remote controlled) collides with the Pentagon killing 125 people. (My feeling is that this is all part of the plan, was planned earlier, possibly as Jim Fetzer suggests to destroy financial investigation information, possibly it was to murder people on the liberal half of the pentagon which may have instructed a liberal half of the US military, Bob Bowman hints at this saying "they killed some of ours", was this a liberal control center side that conservatives destroyed?). Clearly these must have been included/insiders that were excluded from the 9/11 thoughts which implies that AT&T must have been paid or ordered to filter those thoughts dealing with the 9/11 plot (which must have been numerous in Bush's, Cheney's and Blair's mind) from those available to their minds. The missile is sent by either an airforce plane or is a drone plane. This is probably the plane that Cheney allows to continue when Leon Pinetta testifies the aid saying "the plane is 5 miles out...does the order still stand?" (the order may have been simply to not shoot it down) and Cheney snapping "ofcourse the order still stands have you heard anything to the contrary?". The government and media will later claim that Flight 77 flew into the Pentagon. But the hole is no larger than 20 feet in diameter, no where near large enough to accomodate any thing larger than a missile. In addition, dumpsters are filled and garbage is lit on fire to create huge black smoke clouds as shown in photos Jim Fetzer identifies. The Pentagon lawn is untouched, and very few plane parts are seen, no seats, no bodies, no tail section, just tiny parts that can be carried by hand. The hole is widened using explosives (cordite, which is smokeless gunpowder). Is the Pentagon wired at the last minute? or wired weeks before?
9:37+a FBI confiscates gas station film (employees watched the film a few times: what did they see?). Can we get it beamed on to our heads? As usual we can kiss that film goodbye once the people we pay in the FBI get their law-breaking evidence tampering and destroying hands on it. This proves that they have something to hide. They needed to confiscate the video because something was unexpected, or perhaps it was expected but they wanted to remove any possibility of people analyzing video. Everything is known in the camera-thought network, and so probably very few parts of 9/11 were unexpected.
9:43a Bush gets on air force one at Sarasota airport
9:55a Air Force One takes off from Sarasota airport. Once in the air he gives WTC2 detonate order? or it is just safer for the evil reichstag henchman to detonate WTC2 with Bush jr in the air?
9:59:03a WTC building 2 explosives detonated, seismic observations are measured by Columbia U and cameras/microphones, this kills hundreds of humans, and this single act by one individual human (a cog in league with thousands if not millions of others) is perhaps the largest single act of mass murder on 9/11/01 and since the nuclear bombs of WW2. Who was the person that pushed that button? So far, all we can be sure of is that it was a white male, possibly employed in the US military or in Controlled Demolition. Perhaps, the people were looking at a goal of a collapse before 10am. The fires were basically out, photos that have reached the public show many people standing in the windows where the plane impacted. The explosions are set off in an unusual top-to-bottom demolition. This demolition style is rare. This is done purposely to make the pull look more "natural". The person that detonated this (or the second tower) demolition, the single biggest mass murder in the history of the USA may be in the company Controlled Demolition. Perhaps they were waiting for the direct approval from Bush jr himself which he gave from Airforce One.
09:58a UA93 is probably shot down, if the South Park version is accurate, this plane holds all the people from the four planes (Ong, Barbara Olson, Bingham, etc). They were all loaded into this plane in Ohio. Jim Fetzer and others have even identified the person who shot this plane down as being, Major Rick Gibney from the "Happy Hooligans" who supposedly receives a medal for this. Possible explosives may be detonated around the sight in Shanksville, PA (the major media will report that this plane was supposedly going for the Capitol building but that the passengers overpowered hijackers. An audio tape of the simulated last seconds will be created for the Moussoui trial. A major motion picture will be made about this fictional version.). Not even a seat, a tail section, ... not one drop of blood is recovered, which raises the possibility that these people are being held, but most of the hints of insiders suggest that the people on the planes, like the 3000 people in the WTC and Pentagon were murdered too. If this plane had all 200 passengers and was shot down by a person in the USAF, it explains the focus of many people on the shock and outrage over some kind of "shoot down" event, for example in Congress, they talk about "shoot down orders", probably relating the shock in their mind about this aspect of the murder (although the controlled demolition of the WTC buildings is the most gristly and callous of all murders that day, the shooting down of the remaining passengers, if this is what happened, had to be something the insiders will not forget soon). US93 could be shot down with satellite laser (ala SDI)? or landed and passengers unloaded ultimately moved into secret prison camp. The existence of these camps is similar to WW2's auschwitz, there is simply no way, even the liberal media is going to tell the public about them. But in my opinion, the shot down scenario seems most likely.
9:59:04a WTC2 is brought down by controlled demolition (stood for 56 minutes)
10:28:30a explosives planted weeks before are detonated in WTC1. White smoke and ground shock wave is clearly caught on one of the few videos to reach the public. This act is probably the second biggest single act of mass murder on 09/11/2001. Perhaps the plotters wanted the WTC1 down by 10:30am. For WTC1, again a top-down collapse is done. WTC1 is brought down with explosives in conjunction with nano-thermate (the republicans and media insiders will report to the public that the building "collapsed") The person who did this is probably in the US military or in Controlled Demolition.
05:20p WTC7 is pulled. Explosives set weeks earlier(?) are detonated. Where did the dynamite come from? What humans set the charges? Where are they? Who are they? This building is pulled perhaps for insurance money? to avoid retrofitting? to add to the shock and awe? It seems more like a formality to collect on insurance, and not have to repair the building. most people would rather probably start from scratch with a new updated design instead of trying to salvage a damaged building. WTC7 is done as a traditional demolition. Later lease owner Silverstein would admit that the building was pulled.
10:00-11:00pm Bush jr, and company celebrate within the secret camera thought hearing net (from their separate camera connected locations). Maybe they have a toast with champaign or michelob.
9/16/05 even 5 days after 9/11/01 a temperature satellite reveals that there are still temperatures > 1000 degree F, clearly showing that the iron was destroyed with explosives since kerosine cannot get that hot and friction could not cause that kind of temperature.
Giuliani ships evidence over seas, not even FEMA was allowed into the site. "Controlled Demolition" (cleaned up Oklahoma evidence) removes evidence.

Phil Hartman May 5,1998
Where was the stop violence group? Do they not keep up with the brain image news?
One point is that Hartman was "Bill Clinton" on Saturday Night Live and since the neuron remote writing murderers couldn't get Clinton, perhaps they settled for Hartman- but they did end up financing a "Kill Bill" movie- nice and lawful nonviolent people huh?

Diana Spencer Mountbatten-Windsor (Princess Diana) August 31,1997
There are millions of people that know what happened to "Lady Di", but I can only guess, because I am not in the secret camera infrared eye network. I care less for "royalty" than other people, I am more interested in: smarts, popularity, skill, beauty,...and less in wealth or royalty. Diana had beauty, popularity (although obtained thru royalty and wealth), and wealth. I can only guess, but perhaps she was opposed to violence and dishonesty too. The people at CBS 48 Hours were brave enough to show some images from the car wreck. Again, if people voted for cameras on all streets, that everybody can access on the Internet and that are archived, all of us could see what happened. I do now doubt that there are video, but the eye images must be the best images. Even the car cameras and microphones would provide some relief to the underinformed public. Instead of all the people complaining about privacy (that they violate every second), why do they not argue for free info and getting to the truth?
Here is a link with a photo (supposedly) of the accident scene:
I am glad for the effort Mohamed Al Fayed is making to uncover what really happened to his son. I am happy to see somebody speak out for truth, that is a rare occurance, and there is some good info on his webpage.
I can only guess, but I think that what appears clear is that James Andanson probably killed Diana and the 2 people in the car. Either with intent, or accidentally. That the surviving body guard human will not say that Andanson in a white fiat hit the car into the 13th pillar of the Alma tunnel, (or whatever really did happen, I am sure he remembers), indicates a cover-up.
Andanson was then killed years later on 05/05/2000, in what can only be revenge by some unknown group of people. He was probably held at gun point, and his car was driven, he was strangled to death and then the car set on fire. The story that Andanson bought gas in a can was probably paid for by people involved or supportive of keeping the truth about the killing secret.
There may have been 1 or 2 people on a motorcycle that possibly flashed a bright light. Were these people involved in a plan to kill Diana?
There is a hint that Diana was pregnant, and under the new law, that = 2 homicides in the States anyway. What a group of racists, and inbreeders if they were offended by a mixed arab and caucasian relationship, sex, or reproduction. I am for integration.
Was Andanson paid to kill Diana? Was he acting alone? I think that the bodyguard human does not say what happened, indicates that Andanson was not acting alone, or else he would not fear the lone Andanson. Without doubt, people driving do not swerve for no reason, we can rule out the driving human doing the killing since he also was killed, and I seriously doubt suicide. There was a clear report that the Fiat Uno did make contact with the Mercedes Benz Diana was in, was that contact initiated by the Benz or the Fiat? Why suddenly turn to killing after 52 years of (supposed) nonviolence?

Some people hint that Andanson (a millionare photographer that followed Diana around), was obsessed with Diana, and perhaps wanted her to love him, or in any event, was angry with her for not loving him. Perhaps she would have if he had enough money, but he probably only had 1 million, money is the most important thing, and also physical appearance to most people.
Some people claim that the person driving was drunk. What was the history of the person, was there a history of drinking alcohol? and driving? If the lab results were inaccurate or switched, I think that would be obviously bad and need to be revealed thru the eye images and corrected.
If I had to guess, I would say that Andanson caused the car accident with intent, was connected, and funded by people that wanted Diana to be killed.
Some final comments:
How about spending a few dollars for more airbags? and speaking out against violence, and in favor of free info? I think a good idea is airbags in helicopters and planes.
I tell people not to run from cameras, and quite the opposite, to provide live images and sounds from a variety of angles. We should not fear people capturing photons that reflect off of our bodies, and there is no pain in them capturing those photons.

12/14/06 update: there was an "official" report into the death of Diana, and so I think this adds evidence to the idea that she was probably purposely murdered. Cheers to the father of Dodi for saying the report is garbage. I'm sure it's like a Warren, 9/11 Commission.

Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson, October 3,1995
OJ Simpson, killed Ron or Nicole
unrecognized human, killed Ron or Nicole
Cyril Wecht indicates that Wecht thinks that OJ and a second human killed Ron and Nicole.

12/14/06 update. I think it's possible that OJ did these murders alone (although the insiders beaming on his head no doubt must share some responsibility and perhaps jail time for their violent suggestion beaming). OJ recently was going to describe how he "would have" killed Nicole and Goldman if he had killed them, and then it got cancelled because of complaints by Nicole's sister, and who knows what else. To me, I think let Oj tell the story, not only in the interest of free information, but for the public to know what really happened. More information can only be a good thing in my opinion.

Kurt Cobain, April 5,1994
For years I was sure that Kurt killed himself, recently I learned from a person that Cobain may have been killed. The person told me that Kurt was going to file for divorce and that Courtney had some how got a male human that is seen in a Nirvana video with a blue wig to kill Kurt. Without seeing the apartment hidden cameras that must even now, still exist, I can not be sure and certainly have serious doubts, this same person claims that Jim Morrison may be alive near India, and because of religious idiocy, people in the government of France (or perhaps the owner of the cemetary) will not allow a radar image to be made of the grave of Jim Morrison. Recently I found a group of blue hairs in my apartment and perhaps people were hinting at this. Kurt was a smart person, heroine is a terrible addiction, and religious traditions have made a brutal life on earth for the free thinking. One thing that I read that is ridiculous is that some human in Seattle killed themselves after Cobain did, perhaps I value life (while recognizing how short life for a human is) more than most people.
Update 04/06/04 See the movie "Kurt and Courtney", available on DVD and VHS at many public libraries. Nick Broomfield explores what happened to Kurt. In one part, a person that was a nanny for Kurt, says "if he was not murdered, he was driven to murder...", even MTV used words that start with "M" and "D" to indicate that Michael DeWitt may have injected Kurt and then shot the already dead Cobain. I am asking that the public get to see the eye images and hidden cameras from the Kobain house for that week in 1994 to resolve what really happened.

Vicki Morgan killed July 7, 1983
The book: "Beautiful bad girl : the Vicki Morgan story" by Gordon Basichis is, like most books available in many libraries. This is the only book on the life of Vicki Morgan. The book describes how Vicki Morgan was the mistress of Alfred Bloomingdale, the founder of the first credit card, a very wealthy human that lived in Los Angeles. Bloomingdale was close friends with Ronald Reagan, their wives were best friends. The book also details how Bloomingdale would tie up (paid) females and spank their buttocks with a leather belt. There is nothing unnatural, or seriously wrong with that kind of activity, as long as there is clear consent. The secrecy is what is evil, as is ofcourse any nonconsentual violence that resulted. The book does not explain that Morgan and Reagan has sex, and only implies that Morgan would do favors for friends of Alfred. Just over a year before Reagan would be reelected in 1984, Vicki was killed by being hit a number of times with a baseball bat in her bed. There were no fingerprints on the bat that is claimed Marvin Pancoast, a person living with her, killed Vicki Morgan with. Pancoast had no blood on him. Morgan tried to defend herself, her arms had bruising, a finger on each hand was broken. According to newspaper and television reports, Pancoast admited to the killing. What if people in the LA police made up the confession (where is the paper, video, etc...?), and the the people in the media were too afraid to question the police story? There was no physical evidence connecting Pancoast to the homicide, all there was was the confession. Who owned the bat? How the Republicans pulled this murder off stumps even me and probably most of us excluded from the eye and thought networks. My best guess is that Reagan, Bush (the title of the book does spell "GB"), Yortie, Ed Davis, the entire republican conservative white establishment that protects Gene Cesar to this day simply protect the person that actually did kill Morgan, and gave Pancoast the Shaft, fabricating the confession, and major news stories about the homicide. The main people to scare or pay off are the major people in police, (the FBI is usually a non-entity for murder, having to resort to "civil rights violations" and other ridiculous charges), the major media outlets (allowing them ofcourse to hint, and give the initials of the humans that actually killed Morgan), this includes the NY and LA Times, and the 3 television networks (most probably did not even carry any story about Morgan), that was probably provided by Reagan and the rest of the top of the Republican party who administer the salaries of millions of people. Finally, the defense attorney, jury and judge pose a miniscule problem. Either the defense attorney has to be paid off, or scared into losing, unless they are excluded from the camera network. The amazing thing is that most people on a jury side with the government, they hardly ever think that the government could be wrong, in particular more conservative people, they figure that the District Attorney must know what they are doing, or perhaps knows more than they do about what happened behind the scenes.
"Beautiful bad girl : the Vicki Morgan story" by Gordon Basichis
"Vicki" by Joyce Milton and Ann Louise Bardach

Bob Marley died May 11, 1981
I am not sure if the tumor (cells copying/growing that are not supposed to) that started in the toe of Bob Marley in May 1977 was caused with photons with xray frequencies sent by conservative humans that may have wanted to silence Marley for speaking out for marijuana being legal.

Still possible is that tumors were given to Marley with xray photons in NYC or some other place later, knowing that the excuse of cancer spread from the toe would be enough to convince most people unconcerned with science and free information.

In any event, the Marley death reinforces the possibility that tumors can be given to humans from humans as was proved by William Rollins, a person that killed a pig with photons in the x ray.

John Lennon December 08, 1980
Mark David Chapman, killed John Lennon
Mark David Chapman must have had sounds and images played on his brain. Ronald Reagan had won the election and must have stopped security on Lennon. Lennon was watched by thousands, perhaps even hundreds of thousands of humans, but possibly was not included in the camera-thought network. In any event Chapman was a human with a gun outside the apartment Lennon rented for hours, there was not one human that was protecting Lennon from the NYC police, FBI, or other.

Chapman said he "heard a voice in his heard say 'do it, do it...'" This is typical of people sending audio to the brain of a different human. But, as usual, no body bothered to explain this technology and most, in particular religious humans are suceptible to this kind of technology. Sending images and sounds to the brain of other humans is an influential steering tool. A person can change what a different person is thinking about. Perhaps Chapman realized this later. Chapman should be in a jail, not a hospital, and the hospital that Chapman is in should be changed to a voluntary treatment center only (as should all psychology hospitals).

I saw a video where Reagan said "...and we didn't just mark off time..." basically taking credit for the killing of John Lennon (the "mark" must refer to "Mark David Chapman"), 'mark off' probably relates to 'jerk off' in that Reagan had sex with 1 or more female like VIcki Morgan (not Nancy, the human with the cardinal cap during swearing in), and possibly "mot" refers to me and Tom being under atheist Sylvia (perhaps this is a stretch, backwards spelling always has hint of devil, which religious people label atheists, but in reality the religious think there are devils, atheists deny the existence of devils. But in terms of evil, for example violence, and killing popular nonviolent leaders, the religious are usually the worst! How can you argue that the people that killed and covered up the JFK and RFK killings do not worship evil?).

Elvis Presley August 16, 1977
We, who live in this time, are only now realizing how many heroic people were actually probably murdered by, as crazy as it sounds, particle beam technology- in many cases - remote neuron writing. In some cases, the murder was direct by contracting some vital muscle like the lung muscles, or arm muscle while driving, etc. in other cases this was done indirectly by influencing the thoughts of people in a way that resulted in death.
So Elvis, probably, was, just like JFK, MLK, RFK, and John Lennon - and including many thousands of less popular others - a victim of wealthy conservative people who fight against popular people. It sounds crazy to many excluded people - but when you regularly feel your heart muscle or arm, or eye lid muscle contract, and being made to itch- and you study the history of science you realize what I am saying is mostly accurate or certainly within the realm of possibility and not crazy talk.
There are interesting points about the death of Elvis that many people might not be aware of.
For example, how many of you know, that Elvis recorded the song "There is no God, but God" in 1971, the same year as John Lennon recorded the song "Imagine"? Might it have been, in this group of wealthy artists, many of whom received direct-to-brain windows, that Elvis was supporting his friend John Lennon by releasing a song with a funny play on the phrase "'there is no god'"..."-Butt god"? Isn't it interesting to think that Elvis probably stood up for his friend John Lennon- whom he jammed with in earlier days?
If true, it may be that, many wealthy Christian conservatives must have seen this apparent atheism and blasphomy. In particular those who watched Elvis and his thought-screen regularly, would have definitely known about this funny song and effort.
So this may show that, those people who embrace a natural inclination, perhaps upon learning more about history and science, to reject the supernatural claims of religions or to take lightly the claims of religions, put their own safety at risk. Because so many people do still take allegience to the traditions of Christianity so seriously - and you have to remember that we live in the shadow of the Inquisition and witch trials - but now those Inquisitors remain in the shadows and have the money and access to powerful microscopic particle technology operated perhaps by the phone company - as crazy as it sounds.
So let me just focus on some things to think about:
1) Older people usually don't overdose on drugs- usually by the 30s and 40s people calm down and don't party as much. They tend to know their bodies well enough to be fussy about what they want and don't want. Overdosing, like DWI, is more characteristic of young teen and 20 year olds in school.
2) One of Elvis' last recorded songs "Way Down", recorded in October of 1976, 10 months before his death, sounds fine - he doesn't sound drugged up.
3) It is very easy for those who own the tiny flying wireless particle devices to remotely contract a muscle and murder a person without any physical trace.
4) One article states that the autopsy found "a constriction in one of the main arteries to the heart which restricted blood flow and brough on a heart attack". So heart attack is the official cause of death apparently. But heart attack at 42? Constricted artery at 42? It sounds unlikely. Then Elvis' weight, reported as 170lbs. Some people claim 250-260 pounds at death- but still - that is not enough, in particular, at age 42 to kill a person.
5) We live in an era where the murderer of JFK, Frank Fiorini Sturgis, was, and still is, openly protected, by many thousands of people. Where Thane Eugene Cesar, the actual and obvious murderer of RFK, was never called to the stand during the trial of Sirhan Sirhan, and is still protected to this day - by many thousands of people. This is a time where many people routinely see direct-to-brain windows and their entertainment is mostly watching the thought-screens of the public- as crazy as it sounds. So the particle beam, or remote-neuron influenced murder of a popular figure fits well and is consistent with this history (see for more info about direct-to-brain windows).
6) Did Elvis receive direct-to-brain windows? It seems likely that he did - but like John Lennon - probably a very reduced form of direct-to-brain windows. For example, Lennon had no idea that Chapman was just meters away and had a loaded gun and had a long thought-out plan of murdering him.

7) It may be that, like the psychiatric system where everybody is prescribed drugs for imaginary problems - and they take their doctors word - so trustingly - that this was the method of murder - using neuron writing to make the doctor promote all kinds of drugs and for Elvis to accept them. But more likely, this was a case of simply contracting the lung muscle of Elvis - which would leave no trace except in the massive AT&T thought archive which most of us can't retrieve recordings from.

8) Perhaps Elvis supported Carter - and so many supporters of Elvis would have supported Carter too, and with this loss, Carter moving into the White House about 8 months before Elvis' death, Nixon, Ford, etc and their supporters, who were and still are a very violent and criminal lot - and had control over the US government since the murder of JFK would feel outraged at this change in direction of the US public. In their mind, they view the murder of popular people as justified - the excuse is that it is right versus left and so it is ok to murder those who disagree with them- because they must be "left" and political opposites, the enemy, etc. And this excuse, is shockingly still accepted by many dim-witted people. Elvis could have been murdered to slow or stop the trend in the US towards intellectualism, liberalism, education, honesty, goodness, lawfulness, stopping violence, etc - as a way to scare the many millions of direct-to-brain consumers/viewers, and to silence Elvis' powerful influence on the minds of many people. So the effort to murder Elvis was probably always in operation, as was the defense and protection of Elvis. Where the evil finally scored, I don't know, but clearly, their computer got the puck of evil past the good goalie computer. Then they moved on to focus more murder resources off of Elvis, since they weren't needed there anymore, and on to John Lennon - clearly an effort that was a very long-running remote neuron writing effort which must span many months of Chapman's thought-images and thought-audio up to the time of the Lennon murder.

So we are starting to realize, just how evil, and violently criminal, many people like LBJ, Nixon, the Bushes, Ford, and many so-called "conservative" people have been, although indirectly, using their own money and the US income tax money to fund (and perhaps plot or influence plans of) violence against non-violent people. This is a holocaust of particle murder and remotely-neuron written influences murder of many thousands of innocent people by wealthy murderers. 9/11/2001, the controlled demolition is just a small example of this holocaust that is almost completely still a secret.
By murdering the creative and smart nonviolent people in the United States, these dull and terrible murderers, have removed so much of what is special, interesting, funny and wonderful about the USA and the planet earth. How angry, and rightfully so, would so many millions of people be to see clearly, with all the eye and thought-screen images of history how so many of their popular heros did not die as a result of an individual violent person, drug-overdose, or heart failure, but as a result of murder by evil wealthy people who remain protected behind the neuron curtain of secrecy unseen by most of the public mostly because of the controls on the free flow of information going from them to the public - but without any such limit on the information that goes from the public's thought-screen to their eyes.

Robert F Kennedy

Thane Eugene Cesar, killed RFK

Sirhan Sirhan, shot and wounded 5 people, missed RFK

I think that Sirhan was a typical fanatical religious human caught in the Arab-Israeli conflict. Every week there are 10 humans killed on the eastern Mediterranean, this violence spills into other parts of earth. Perhaps this violence is because the center of 3 planetary religions is on the eastern coast of the Mediterranean, and religion is idiocy, and promotes fanatical first strike violence. Sirhan was a typical younger male human, no chance for sex, friendship, science, basically left like most people with the brutal, unfeeling, religious, antisexual humans on earth. Sirhan was said to be very intensly and outspokenlu antiisrael. Sirhan wanted to kill RFK because RFK supported a shipment of planes to Israel. Sirhan followed RFK for 3 days or more. RFK must have not been in the camera-thought network or not regularly. I think that perhaps the liberal people are too idealistic, refusing to plant wire taps, microphones and cameras, while conservative, caucation, good-old-white boy network people have no morals to speak of, viewing violence as good, and sexuality as evil. I think the conservative, wealthy, humans (perhaps centered on Richard Nixon) watched Sirhan and paid, or convinced Thane Eugene Cesar to kill RFK when Sirhan started to shoot. Carl Uenger, maitre-d of the Embassy hotel (where there must have been at least 10 cameras and microphones hidden in each room - where are these vids?), pinned Sirhan against a steam table before Sirhan shot. Sirhan only got 1 or 2 shots off pointed at RFK. 1 missed and hit Paul Schrade, another hit Elizabeth Evans, a 3rd hit William Weisel, 4th Ira Goldstein, and 5th Irwin Stroll (from an 8 shot .22 revolver). After Sirhan started to fire Cesar shot RFK in the armpit, moving the gun up and shooting a second time in the armpit, and finally a third and fatal shot to the back of the head of RFK less than 1 inch away. RFK grabbed the clip-on neck tie on Thane Cesar and that is the neck tie on the ground on the left side of the photo above.

Like the JFK killing, the shocking part of the RFK killing is the number of humans involved that supported the killing of RFK, and the number of humans that protect Thane Cesar. The real hero human of the RFK killing is Thomas Noguchi, the LA county coroner that stuck to the true story that the powder marks indicated the the 3 shots fired from behind RFK were from contact to 1 inch away. Not one person of tens of people including Cesar, puts Sirhan gun less than 2 feet away at any time.

The list of people that covered up that Cesar killed Kennedy is in the thousands. There is going to be a serious exposure and cleaning up operation, in the US government (and on the entire planet). Did Sirhan receive direct-to-brain windows? Did Thane receive direct-to-brain windows too? Were they excluded?

Thane Cesar is quoted as saying:
He thought the Kennedy family are crooks
Thought the Kennedy brothers were communists, or aided communism. That he gave money to and supported George Wallace (a person that said "segregation forever") in 1968.
the defense lawyer people for Sirhan were paid to lie. They stopped Noguchi from telling the people on the jury that the 3 bullets that killed RFK came from behind and were shot from less than 1 inch away. They never called Thane Cesar to the stand, or implied in any way that Cesar killed RFK. Here Sirhan was going to be killed, but the people in the California State Supreme Court did something to stop all executions, this is a perfect example of how a human was going to be killed that did not kill any human (although Sirhan did try to, and did succeed in wounding at least 5 people, and my vote is for life imprison for this human, but, the idiot US undemocratic court system had already put Sirhan up for parole as early as 1994.

The worst humans involved with the RFK cover up are:
DeWayne Wolfer of LAPD and Cal State Long Beach (destroyed 2 bullets from Ambassedor)
Evelle Younger, DA and later California Attorney General (tried to get Noguchi to change his story)
Russell Parsons, Grant Cooper lawyer humans for Sirhan (did not call Cesar to stand, told Noguchi not to give gory details of distance of gun to RFK)

The entire LAPD (and all government people) must be policed with cameras and microphones. What is amazing is that Darryl Gates, once Police Chief of LA is quoted as saying "casual drug users should be taken out and shot". Stopping homicide, and assaults should have been the number one priority for this human, not doing violence! And this is typical among humans in police and military (and perhaps every where on earth).

That Thane Cesar was not even questioned until volunteering saying something like "don't you want a statement from me?" the grammer Cesar uses is worse than the people in the police, Cesar says "he done shot 5 times by then", not that this is a reason to lock a human in jail. Cesar owned a .22, but was not searched the night RFK was killed, the .45 Cesar had was not taken in as evidence. And even 2 months after the RFK killing the .22 Cesar owned was never taken in as evidence or test fired.

What is shocking is that some people are happy that JFK and RFK were killed. Cesar is quoted as saying that he "ducked and covered" (a reference to a US propoganda film about what to do during a nuclear war), perhaps implying that the Kennedies would have caused a nuclear war. But the reality is that if anybody is going to sink the planet into war, it will be the far right conservative violent humans willing to use the massive military arsenal to start destruction on various parts of earth. Here again, Bush Jr. and Sr. are perfect examples of this kind of person, recklessly using the weapons we all paid for.

So questions I have are:
Was Cesar paid/told/arranged to shoot RFK? If no, why do the people in the LAPD and FBI protect him (and Sturgis) from arrest?

"The Killing of Robert F. Kennedy", Dan Moldea
Great book, the first chapters are excellent. The last two chapters are not great, however, as Moldea (unlike Wecht) does not indicate that Cesar (obviously) killed RFK. Plus Moldea appears to support "polygraph" or "lie detector" tests, that are stupid, and unreliable, by the way, the idiot humans that administered the polygraph for Cesar must have been paid to lie, is conservative, or simply followed the mystical polygraph system. The polygraph is idiocy and should not be valued in any way. This is the only book with a nice photo of Thane Cesar.

"The Assassination of Robert F Kennedy", William Turner and John Christian
This book is ok, and is the only other book I could find that has a photo of Thane Cesar. This book spends too much time on "the walking bible guy", and the idiot "Manchurian Candidate" theory. The humans that paid for the RFK killing and covered up the killing were no doubt Jesus worshipper humans.

Here is a link to the Second Gun, the classic movie by Ted Charach and Gerald Alcan telling all about the case against Thane Eugene Cesar.
The Second Gun
"The Second Gun", Charach, Alcan, American Films, Ltd released, National General distributed.,1973
This is, without doubt, the definitive and best source of info for the RFK killing. This is the only documentary on the RFK killing that I am aware of, except for a video by CBS, and a recent History Channel show.

"The Killing of RFK", Donald Freed
This book was tough to find but was in storage at UCLA for the UCI library. The book has Thane Cesar shooting RFK in the head execution style first, RFK bringing his arms up, and Thane firing 3 more times, which thinking about it, is perhaps the way it actually happened (not as I have it in my interview with Charach that Thane Cesar fired up....more likely he did the execution shot, worried that RFK might not be dead and fired 3 more times).
br> Also see my 2 hour interview with Ted Charach

Best movies (as far as I am aware there is only 1 major RFK-truthful movie):
1) The Second Gun

Martin Luther King Junior
James Earl Ray or human named Raoul, killed MLK

MLK was killed with one bullet to the right part of the front of his head (face).
After reading parts of 2 books on the killing of MLK, I think that there are really only 2 possibilities (in addition to millions of other stories of people that made the killing possible, or did nothing to stop the killing)
What I have trouble figuring out is that if Gerald Posner is paid to spread lies to the public, and he claims that James Earl Ray killed MLK then how can it be true?

1) James Earl Ray shot MLK and lied about leaving the bording room near the Lorraine hotel before MLK was killed. 2) James Earl Ray (now dead) was telling the truth in that some other human named "Raul" shot MLK and Ray was supposed to take the blame.

In any event Mark Lane has this to say in the last chapter of "Murder in Memphis":
Why were there only 2 people in the police assigned to MLK instead of the usual 10?
Why was 1 of the 2 (Redditt) removed just 2 hours before the killing?
Why were the 2 black fire people removed from the scene the night before it occurred?

Clearly, as in the case for John Lennon, the people in the police (and fbi) pulled off or had no security in order to allow a human to shoot and kill an outspoken planetary leader in the cause of peace, without being seen, stopped, or captured.

Murder in Memphis : the FBI and the assassination of Martin Luther King / Mark Lane and Dick Gregory

Who killed Martin Luther King?
Philip Melanson ; edited by Sandy Niemann

update 11-05-2003
I just finished reading the book "Who Killed MLK?" by James Earl Ray.
I hate that millions of people know exactly what happened from images taken from hidden cameras, that also record memories, in great detail, but the majority, like me, still have to guess.
Ray clearly implies that he was aware of Frank Sturgis, and without ever using the name Frank Sturgis, he indicates that:
1) Raoul looks like one of the tramp people in photos from Dealey plaza after JFK was killed. These tramp humans are Frank Sturgis (the human that killed JFK) and E. Howard Hunt (Hunt is clearly in USA CIA). Hunt used to use name "Eduardo", so that Sturgis used "Raoul" is not too difficult to accept. One lawyer human called this person "frenchy", again consistent with "Frank Fiorini". Whether Ray is aware that Sturgis killed JFK and is trying to pass the blame to the "Jessie James" Sturgis of the 60's is one question. Basically the question is: Was Sturgis involved in the killing of MLK in any way? Perhaps as a contact for Ray, if not the person that actually shot and killed MLK.
2) One of the numbers Ray used in contacting was traces to Carlos Marcello (linked with David Ferrie and Lee Oswald, New Orleans illegal gambling business) "Town and Country" motel. So I would lay this out as a "good old boys network" group of people. Nixon, Haldeman, Bebe Ribozo, Sturgis, Hunt, Ray, Lyndon Johnson (perhaps Reagan and Bush too), ...all the right wing conservative people...

3) Ray expresses some amount of racism in the book, hinting that black people were taking jobs from white people, defending a racist statement made by his brother. Ray does not express openly that he has racist views in the book.

4) Ray hints that he was in the thought network, he uses the word "infrared" and "eyeball". Look at bim.htm for more info on seeing thought.

5) One question is that Ray gets to pick from 2 rooms, (a kitchenette, and a different room, choosing the different room) both have a view of the Lorraine Hotel? If no, then Raoul would have had to pick the room, so this indicates that Ray may be lying, and did know about the plan to kill MLK. Another possible lie is that he wanted to change the spare tire on the Mustang in case Raoul needed to use the car...why would he not tell Raoul this and immediately change the tire? In addition, would he really care this much for Raoul? Finally, if he did care for Raoul, he would be risking having the car away when Raoul needed to use the car.

6) The last page indicates some interesting data. Ray received $165,000 + $? for agreeing to make a book (all this money is driven from copyright and privacy laws, otherwise we could all see the videos of thought, etc.. that must exist). So a possible scenario is shaping in my mind. Ray escaped from a prison, and may have been caught or in contact with people like Sturgis, and the conservative right wing racist people. They may have made a deal with Ray like this:
We are going to return you to prison to serve the rest of your 30 year sentence (I can not remember what the actual sentence was, but will check again), or we will help you kill Martin Luther King Jr, and you can be remembered as the person that killed MLK and are guaranteed at least $100,000 for a book deal. Ray probably had to agree not to turn reveal any of the people involved or face being killed in prison (in addition, what humans are going to believe that the President Nixon was involved?!). You have to understand, that these conservative people are very violent, and talk about violence all the time. For liberal people knowing when any of the violence they talk about is going to actually happen, or succeed may be difficult to estimate, but also to stop.

So it may have come down to, be in prison for life still poor and not famous, or help these CIA/FBI/republican people help kill MLK jr. get money and popularity for the killing and for books and movies. I guess one flaw in this is how Ray did not turn himself in, or left the USA for Europe. Perhaps Sturgis and the CIA people said, we will give you a passport, and guarantee safe flight to England, but then he would be on his own. Ray hints that Sturgis and this active network of homocidal conservative people was in contact with him, and clearly the people in the local police helped get MLK killed, as did the people in the FBI.

So my final conclusion is still that Ray did kill Martin Luther King Jr, but I do think that he was in contact with Frank Sturgis, and this good-old-boy conservative human killing group (the people that killed JFK, and perhaps thousands of other people).

As an aside, I saw a quote from Lyndon Johnson after MLK jr. was one of the first people to publically oppose the Vietnam war, saying "nail the Coon-skin to the wall", an unbelievably irresponsible violent statement, that may have indicated his involvement with the killing of MLK, and at least as President, represented a terrible influence on the public.

I just read Who killed Martin Luther King?
Philip Melanson's small book
and I guess it does seem suspicious that the murder weapon and Earl's stuff was just left at the seen of the crime, but also the point raised by Melanson that shooting from a shared bathroom doesn't seem like a smart choice since people might be constantly interrupting. One interesting point is that, as I stated above, it seems that the killer of MLK could only be either Ray, or somebody from the group of "Raoul" which narrows it down. Plus given hundreds of years of remote neuron reading and writing, certainly many people must have seen the eyes and thought screens of all involved. It raises the point, which is also raised for JFK and RFK- was MLK excluded? That an African American person might be excluded seems possible, but it's hard to imagine the President and a Senator of the USA not being D2B consumers. For the D2B owners and consumers, murdering excluded people must be like taking candy from a baby- the excluded have no idea who is around them and what they are thinking.
How about how one major witness was locked in a psych hospital for 10 years until Mark Lane helped to get her out- Grace Walden Stephens - who is in the video "Who Killed Martin Luther King?" speaking clearly about how the killer had sideburns- not like Ray- but like Frank Fiorini the big CIA killer of JFK- but only the eye images of the killers and witnesses (and no doubt many microscopic and nanoscopic camera devices) show clearly if ever they go public. Nice people though huh- some woman doesn't go along with the cover-up and so they call her crazy and lock her in a psych "hospital" (where who knows what was done to her- in the video she clearly has tardive dyskinesia- an uncontrollable movement of the tongue and jaw due to massive and repeated drugging- and big pharma only cares about money so people are forcibly drugged in the hospitals and prisons of Earth)- nice and decent people huh?

John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Frank Fiorini Sturgis, shot and killed JFK from the front (behind the fence)
Lee Harvey Oswald, probably shot and only landed 1 shot in the back of JFK, and probably shot and killed Tippett.

That Sturgis probably killed JFK indicates that Richard Nixon (and other far right conservative humans) paid and organized the killing of JFK.
RFK may have known that Fiorini killed JFK when he used the word "effort" (the 2 ff's together became common in the idiot decades that followed). Nixon used the word "effective" and Sam Irvin in calling the Watergate coverup/event the worst trajedy that this nation has ever "suffered" (another ff word), was probably not refering to Nixon obstructing people investigating watergate or wire taps, but to the killing of JFK and RFK perhaps partially funded by Nixon and similar kind of people.

From one photo, a thumbnail here produced from "The Men That Killed Kennedy", that was possibly timed by the person photographing, or simply coincidence, people were able to colorize and process this phenomenal image:

THe top photo is part of the black and white Mary Moorman photo. The person on the top (seen filming in a US army uniform and hat) is Gordon Arnold, a person that Sturgis kicked and took the film from after shooting JFK. According to one page, Arnold died in 1997 at age 56, was he killed? Was that person positioned there by people in the US military? Looking at the black and white above, I seriously doubt that Sturgis and Hunt would have allowed him to be there. The person claims that a man (must be Hunt) told him to go away and when asked the man said he was in the CIA (this fits since Hunt was infact in the CIA). According to this person, after the shooting (he heard on his left ... not 1 meter away was Sturgis, I mean, how could he have not heard it?), he dropped to the ground. He claims to have heard "report", but how could he if he was standing there when Sturgis fired his last of 2 shots? I think, more likely, he stood thru the entire thing. Fiorini walked up to him with a gun (more like, turned to him - they are only a meter apart, I doubt Sturgis would stand around with a rifle after killing JFK with people rushing in from the street), was crying, kicked him and asked if he was filming. The man said "yes" and gave Sturgis the film. I have to question if Sturgis was actually crying or had tears in his eyes, but I don't doubt that Fiorini took the man's film, or that the man was there, because he is clearly there and filming in the photo. (Probably the most likely, the man is in the camera net, was aware of the killing, was positioned there by a portion of the US army, the film was not taken by Sturgis, but was secured and may still be somewhere in the US Army records, not yet released to the public). The bottom picture shows Frank Fiorini, what must be milliseconds after firing the fatal shot into the head of JFK. Standing behind and to the right is what must be E Howard Hunt of the US CIA in railroad clothes and hat, who worked for Nixon. According to the deaf mute human, Sturgis tossed Hunt the gun, Hunt disconnected the gun and put it in a tool box. According to Lee Bowers, people drove away after the killing. Was Bowers murdered? Excellent film made in 1992 by Nigel Turner, "The Men Who Killed Kennedy", I borrowed for free from a public library. Although, they go into a bizarre story of french people that did the shooting that must have been paid for or demanded by the Republicans, in particular since the person telling the story, which is so different from the rest of the film, talks about a connection with a person in the DEA, which ofcourse everybody knows is pure Nazi evil. But curiously, at the end of all the BS, the person mentions the name "Carlos Marcello", who was clearly the funder of Oswald, and was in court on federal charges facing a long prison sentence the day JFK was killed, but found not guilty the next day, so the person kind of tacked the BS back to the truth just before ending.
update: obviously Gordon Arnold was involved in the killing of JFK. Arnold may have been killed for what he says in "The Men ..." (he was only in 60s when died). He says "I was standing crooked..." admiting that he was in a corrupt group of people involved in homicide. He must have been assigned or volunteered to be there to film for the Republican half (or the far right sect) of the US Army.

The Zupruter film was finally shown to the public 20 or 30 years after it was seen by the elites, like those that owned a "copy right" of the Zapruter film at Time Warner.
But what is never talked about is Orville Nix. Nix was on the opposite side of the street filming directly in the direction of Sturgis, under some bushes behind the wall. Here is compressed video of the Orville Nix film:
Video of Orville Nix Film
First you can see the car slow to almost a stop, that second JFK gets hit and a cloud of what must be brain matter can be seen behind the limo. You have to line up the shot with the location behind the white wall. I think that there is some movement, light reflections back in the trees (you will need a higher resolution set of images to see these) like a person with a rifle turning around and walking away. This is in the shadow after the main white corner that sticks out. Who are the two people on the sidewalk/stairs there? They must have seen the person/people (Sturgis and perhaps E Howard Hunt). There is a link some where on the web if you search for Orville Nix that shows one of the frames ABC did not that shows a rifle muzzle or people moving:
Clearly the best surviving photo available to the public is the single colorized frame plus the Zapruter film. The Nix film helps, but I doubt any faces can be seen.
12/31/05 I want to update that there are a number of films of the JFK killing:
1) Abraham Zapruter
2) Orville Nix
3) Marie Muchmore (originally acquired by United Press International, is now part of the library of APTN, which commissioned a restoration)
4) Gordon Arnold (the US army ought to be taken to court to see that film, it is the film from the above Mary Moorman colorized image, which should show the perspective that Sturgis had and perhaps the smoke from the rifle Sturgis used.)

Best JFK-truth movies (not in order):
1) "JFK 2", John Hankey
2) "Executive Action"
3) "JFK", Oliver Stone
4) The Men Who Killed Kennedy
-the French assassin is probably BS, but they show the Mary Mormon photo and identify and interview Gordon Arnold, one of the 3 guys behind the fence-a guy in the army with a movie camera- who probably filmed the assassination.

Marilyn Monroe
Ted Charach told me off camera that Monroe was killed, but he was probably wrong about RFK not grabbing the neck tie off Cesar (although he said the neck tie of RFK, so technically what he said was true..update: perhaps RFK did not twist, see RFK section).
I saw the History channel video on Monroe and many of the people were using "S" and "G", and I can only guess that that stands for "Sam Giancana". There is a story on the web, taken from a book two Giancana humans made, where two people broke in, one used chrloroform, and the second put a pill of nembutal in the rectum of Monroe. I read some of the book "Double Cross", and there is some good data there, I think the story about Marilyn Monroe may be true, I think revealing that people can give tumors with xrays is good and not seen enough, and even that LBJ, Nixon and Sturgis are implicated (with many other people like Harrelson) in the killing of JFK, but I seriously doubt the partner of Tippit killed Tippit, so that casts doubt on some of the data in "Double Cross". Another story, found at has Johnny Roselli. There is not much doubt in my mind that there are at least audio if not images from the night Monroe was killed. Sad that she may have been viewed, but not able to see those that viewed her, was probably lonely and could have made use of a large camera network to find company.