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Notes on the KROQ "Kevin and Bean" show interview on 07/25/07:

Almost five years after I am adding that a better nickname than "crazy Ted Huntington" for me could be "Accurate, honest, reasonable, regular and steady Ted Huntington" or "Extremely Sane Ted Huntington", "ultra-normal Ted", or "Normal, regular and reasonable sexual views and behavior Ted Huntington" or "The Stop Violence Teach Science guy" "Direct-to-Brain Windows For All Ted Huntington" or "Remote neuron reading and writing expert Ted Huntington", the possibilities are limitless.

Here are some photos, it's nice to see the people behind the voices. It's kind of interesting that Bean looks kind of like me but 10 years older, it's eerie:

Kevin and Bean and two pretty ladies

Lisa May and Alex, to me this says, my kinda ladies, not so uptight

Lightning Jay and Lisa May

Kevin, Bean, Lightning, Ralph, and Psycho Mike in pajamas with some Playboy bunnies at Hugh Hefner's place (they should call Psycho Mike, Musclular Mike or Macho Mike because damn! that mutha is in good shape, it's not gay to say that, it's just stating the facts, I look similar to that but only when I am flexing my muscles, otherwise it looks like fat, but it's actually unflexed muscle.

"Crazy Ted Huntington"

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"The establishment" has apparently crushed the opposition and the audio from my 10-minute interview on the "Kevin and Bean" show has been censored out of the .mp3 audio for that day posted on the KROQ webpage http://www.kroq-data.com/kevinandbean/podcast.asp, but don't lose hope fellow truth pleasure democracy and science seekers, I made a secret recording of the show! damn! Play secret recording of show (and phone call from "Lightning" before show)

I made a transcript for everybody too, so media scholars, and other researchers can analyze the contents.

If anybody recorded the show or knows where I can get a copy, send me an email, because my recording is from a handheld digital recorder in my room and it's hard to hear the other end of the phone, and I don't think KROQ is going to release the audio.

The University of California at Irvine even stood by me, they released this news item about me: http://www.zotwire.uci.edu/
http://www.zotwire.uci.edu/ (cached)

Here is a transcript of the show:
phone: (ring)
TP: Hi this is Ted
Lightning: Hey Ted James (Jay) from KROQ show, sorry I'm calling you a little bit late here, it uh... (inaudible) to put ya ... cubscouts just came into the studio here...
TP: uh-huh
Lightning: takin' a little tour so all the sudden it was just limelight (like) doh!
TP: ahaha
Lightning: (inaudible) put ya on the phone
TP: ok
Lightning: we've got...the guys are very excited to speak to you this morning...well actually I'm gonna hang up with you right now and call you from our studio line. I just want to make sure ... I'll call you right back.
TP: ok thanks.

phone: (ring)
TP: Hi this is Ted
Lightning: There we go, perfect
TP: um-hm
Lightning: Alright Ted, Kevin is out sick today so you've got Bean, he's the one who spear-headed this, he's the one who found you.
TP: ok
Lightning: You've got Bean , Ralph and Lisa.
TP: ok
Lightning: Bean, Ralph, and Lisa in the studio..with ya...here...and uh...they're gonna pick up in about 90 seconds... right after the song
TP: ok
Lightning: awesome, don't move

(song .. I know this song believe it or not...but I don't know the new bands well enough ... damn... somebody tell me who this is...I've definitely heard it...does the singer say "take my life away"?)

Lightning: Hey Ted, what do you do at UCI?
TP: Um I'm basically a programmer
Lightning: oh
TP: yeah
Lightning: (inaudible)

TP: (typing more notes...adjusting for a greeting such as "i'm fine thanks")

Bean: (inaudible) [t I do remember Bean says some really nice stuff like 'I love this guy', and I have to echo that love back, to me the ultimate display of love between two men or any two people is not sex, that's just a temporary pleasure, but instead the amount of time they spend together, as opposed to the amount of time they do together, and here I dedicated a full 10 minutes to talking with Bean.] the other night on CNN.....you know Iraq, health care...
Ralph: (high pitch voice) yeah!
Bean: Exactly. So I went onto you tube and started scrolling through the questions that were submitted but not selected ...and this by the way ...liten to this question...(I think it's part of the question: Do you believe that Michael Pupin at Columbia University figured out how to see what a brain's eyes see from behind the head in infrared light way back in 1910?)..Ted...welcome to the broadcast this morning...how are you?
TP: Thank you, I'm wonderful, it's really nice to be here.
Bean: Well it's great to have you, so what is your deal, you've got a website, can you tell us about, you've got stories that you write, and videos, pictures, and songs, you're a one-man party...
TP: Yes, I have a lot of extracurriculer activities a lot of hobbies...you know it's interesting when I first heard that you played some of my youtube debate questions...I thought, you know...who the hell is Kevin Bean? You know, I don't listen to radio or television much. But then when I found out who you all are? I got so excited I didn't know whether to poop or piss. and...in all seriousness it's really nice of you two to invite me onto the show...this show um totally K-rocks.
Lisa: (laughs)
Bean: wow (inaudible)
Ted: yeah
Bean: (inaudible)
Ted: so...
Bean: (inaudible)
Ted: but...
Bean: (inaudible) now of the 70 or so videos your submitted, was your actual intent that one of yours would be selected to make fun of the candidates, or were you just doing this to entertain yourself...(inaudible)?
Ted: no, I don't think it was 72 videos, it was more like 20 or 30, or something, oh well, you know I have a lot of interests, um and I care alot about people and the issues and government and so on. so that was one of the ... the main reasons, but you know basically I'm just a programmer of the University of California in Irvine, and you know, I've been there for a while, a programmer with a lot of bad-ass wild-eyed wild-out (somebody moved my mouth muscles to say "wild-out") views. So you know uh, that's basically my story, so yeah, I mean, I'm concerned about the issues.
Bean: Ok but do you have a do you have a cause? are you like crazy against war? or crazy for the environment? I mean what is your thing that you're trying to get people to stand up and pay attention to ... ?
TP: Well you know mainly I'm interested in stopping violence, teaching science, issues like you know full democracy, freedom of information, um you know ... so ending the drug war, decriminalization of prostitution, and you know, just issues like that.
Bean: (inaudible) you've got a lot of diversity ... mind control
TP: That's right, that sounds kind of, it's pretty pretty tough to explain a lot of that stuff...it's like......some of those questions are...it's interesting that you chose that question...that really is the most far out question because...and those questions like do you believe that Michael Pupin at Columbia University figured out how to see what the brain's eyes see...it's an important issue and I wanted to ask the candidates some of these questions. I think they maybe, it's maybe more for the pubic than the candidates, so forgive me if I ramble on...you know I got to ramble on....doo doo doo doo doo my babe my babe...yeah this issue is something that perplexes me, it's something that perplexes me, as a scientist and just a common person, you know maybe I'm wrong...but in life sometimes we have to make educated guess...and this is a bis (bizarre)..yeah ...go ahead
Bean: What's your thing on the Robert Kennedy assassination, because there's a lot on your site about that is that some unsolved crime or what's the deal?
TP: Well, it's interesting that um on the story. It all has to do with violence in the USA, you know. there is a lot of violence in the USA, one of my focuses is on stopping violence. there's so much violence on earth and in particular in the usa, we really need to focus on the war on violence, because in my view, the so called 'war on terr' is only a subset of the war on violence. and so you know...you know one of my questions was can they
Bean: a war on violence
TP: that right thats right that exactly right
Lisa: (inaudible...but I remember Lisa sez something like...'yeah kill the killers!')
TP: well you know
Bean: I don't see what that has to do with Senator Kennedy, and that was my question
TP: yeah yeah yeah yeah, well you know the US has a terrible history of violence with the murder of Abe Lincoln, JFK, MLK, RFK, John Lennon of course 9/11. So we need to get serious about stopping violence and by the way, did jiz know that JFK was probably killed by Frank Sturgis? I mean I can't believe I didn't know that, I finally figured it out. It took me years to figure it out. And I wanted to ask the candidates about the JFK and RFK killing, because they're a piece of Americana and we need to talk about them, but they seem like they don't want to talk about it. Anybody that has looked into the RFK killing, knows that Sirhan Sirhan probably didn't kill RFK but that it was Thane Eugene Cesar, the security guard, that lousy bastard, if I was Sirhan (mouth muscles moved for "if I was sirhan"...and come to think of it...if I was sirhan at that time I would have shot cesar to try and save RFK's life), I thought it was Sirhan Sirhan for the longest time, and that pissed me off. Then come to find out that 9/11 was an inside job, and that will make a person igdignant (indignant) to say the least.
Bean: I don't know how you can feed yourself, (inaudible...it's something like 'and hold down a job'...it's a play on an old skit I did in San Diego)
TP: well you know, I think that those are basic ideas, not only that I think I'm going above and beyond the call of dookie...you know...so listen one of my questions was 'do you support a public registry for violent offenders?', because it's shocking to me that people out there could be hiring a person who murdered another person or massively assaulted somebody but because it wasn't a sexual assault or murder they aren't in any public database, I mean it's bizarre to me, that we're more concerned (with sex than we are with violence)
Bean: there's a lot about sex on your website that for sure...
TP: Well as long as it's consensual, anything else is violence, and that of course we have to stop
Lisa: ...did someone thought that you were having sex... (Lisa definitely said something like 'and you like the ladies....')
TP: uh... no, ...well....I mean...well ... you know...I don't get a lot of sex, but I'm interested in defending sexual freedoms. You know it's interesting that I was really amazed that there was actually a question asked about sex during the debates and I can't
Bean: ...somebody was asked if they would teach their kids sex ed right?...
TP: yeah, it was interesting the candidates were like, they were uncomfortable, they were like mmm rrr, I don't think they liked talking about sex, and the funniest thing was like when the question was finished, the moderator Anderson Coop Cooper said like 'ok now were moving on', and there was like a standing ovation, you know, people were like...'oh please don't make us hear more about sex...anything but that...talk to us about torture massive violence...but just not pleasure...no that'
Bean: (inaudible) let's hear a little about Ted's song on his website here (inaudible):

(song "Nudity" plays:
"there's nothing wrong with nudity,
time to learn anatomy,
crack a book of chemistry")

Bean: He does it all man, that's tedhuntington.com, hey we're almost out of time here Ted,but I have to ask um, do you give out your own Ted Huntington award, how does one win 'the photon'?

TP: That's funny, that's a nice question, you know it's just sort of a theoretical award right now. I have a lot of sort of interesting views on science and don ('don' is forced...usually the repubs use cover of maff) that's a big concern of mine, you know we ought to have a big movie movie called 'the history of science' for the large screen, and also you know, a movie for evolution (tp: this is really weird, because I swear I remember saying 'with some nice-ass 3D graphics"...I swear I am like 75% certain that I said that and it's not on my personal recorder audio...weird...cest unusual) you know because it's just shocking to me that only 33% of the people in the USA accept that evolution is a fact. and so you know I'm really concerned with science, but also in talking about religion, you know there is nothing that will make a candidate look more stupid than asking them religious questions like 'do they believe that Jesus rose from the dead?' and so [t made to swallow...like a diety has struck the person down, that's classic from the big money cult of Jesus that buy this stuff from the cam-thought-neuron controllers], you know, like remember that evolution question when the candidates were asked 'do you believe in evolution' and they to me that just is amazing...we could be electing a person into the highest position in power that you know actually believes there's a Santa or something...
Bean: I understand all what you're saying there, but my question is really more what's the photon about...[t this would have been a good opportunity to talk about all matter being made of photons...but I had a tractor beam on my head...and I didn't remember to say that important info....and about the big bang being probably false...damn I wish I had taken that opportunity to explain this new paradigm, and this is one reason I rank my appearance at like a C+ or B- which I am fine with, I also lost points for not combating the psychotology crap)
TP: Well there's no money funding the photon award yet, but I hope to have some...
Ralph: (inaudible) money..contributions...(I think he like reads some technical specifications of the photon award...but it's clear that this was supposed to be an opening to talking about the photon is matter and I totally missed it)
Bean: no it's a theoretical idea
TP: It's just an idea, I have a lot of different ideas, I have a tedhuntington.com/vote page where people can vote directly on the laws. That's one of the things I would like to see a full democracy where we get to vote on the laws, you know its ridiculous they won't even count our votes even it it didn't matter, we could vote directly on the laws, so yeah
Bean: Do you still build robots?
TP: I haven't been working with my walking robot for a while, thanks for asking, I honestly think it's pretty wild, we are going to see walking robots, already in Japan, Honda I think and Toyota have their own walking robots, and I swear I think in about 10 or 15 years we actually will see people walking around with robots I think...
Lisa: (inaudible) [t Lisa says something like 'and your robot loves you like a woman?']
Bean: (inaudible)
TP: maybe ... maybe so
Bean: Ok Ted...hold on...Ted hold on just for one second..should I put on the purple shoes and ...(inaudible)
Ralph: ....we gotta cut him off...(inaudible)...he's a crack-pot we don't have time for...
Bean: thank you my man, he is...(inaudible)
TP: (I don't realize that this is only going to be a 10 minute segment, and that they are wrapping it up...so I'm thinking...if I do well...that it can go for more time...probably I should have realized that they were basicallly wrapping up) well, you know there is the issue of health care if your talking about being mad, and psychology
Bean: (inaudible) (is it "ted has his own show"?)
TP: well no it's an important issue
Bean: It is but unfortunately we're out of time Mr. Huntington. I'm going to put up his website tedhuntington.com is where you can find it...Yer not going to believe this, but Ted has a tv show on Cox, channel 31 in Orange County at 10:30, and on Comcast Channel 24 Sunday at 8 (inaudible) that's a show I want to see...
Ralph: And I would also like to recommend that the folks over at UCI take a good look (inaudible)
Lisa : laughs
Bean: (inaudible)
TP: Yeah listen thanks for talking to me, and that's really special that you decided to have me on...I appreciate it...I think that just from some people hearing this...alright...hey listen we need a lot of love, share the love!
Bean: alright buddy
TP: ok take care, bye

TP: (audio 'rat' is beamed onto my head) all rot (right) [somebody makes me cough 3..3..2 them dumb azzez that be beaming on us]

[t well, that was it, somebody get the audio to me, so I can fill in the (inaudible) stuff. Thanks again to Bean in particular, Kevin, Lisa, Ralph, Lightning Jay, and all the crew at KROQ. I don't feel as bad about the major media now, I think they aren't all just mindless puppets parroting out strictly what they are paid to, but there is at least some freedom, or else, I wouldn't be on the show. But of course, it's only a tiny glimmer of light, and I'm hopeful for much more as time continues into the future, but it's up to the public to get smart.]

The audio from the day before (7/24) with 3 of my CNN/YouTube debate questions

http://kevinandbean.blog-city.com/ describes my segment as:
9:15 - Crazy Ted Huntington
The questions asked in the CNN/YouTube Presidential debate were boring. But Bean looked through the other questions submitted, and noticed Ted Huntington's questions. Forget health care and Iraq - submitted 72 crazy/bizarre questions, - like about a scientist who discovered something about the Mind's Eye and infrared! Bean was excited to talk to him...until Ted started going off about telepathy and mind control, JFK 's assasination, sex, and building robots. In the midst of the ravings, they decided they were out of time. Check out more rantings at his website, here.


I just got this "bite" on my RFK "not" spot. Could this be from a poison dart? Maybe it's a microchip. But we have to remember that the microchip manufacturers are wonderful, and I like to do a lot of electronics, in particular for my robots, it's the bastards who abuse microchips to violate the popular laws that are the problems. THis insider lady who must have been evil said a few days ago "lead the dart", and I thought...'dart...yeah lady dream on...those people would be lasered or neuroned in a microsecond'. The high-school drop-outs that control the camera-thought network were beaming on it periodically throughout the day today. Now the back of my skull on the left feels swollen but looks ok. Hopefully I am just being paranoid. I have a cute back of the head don't I, now give up the love!
A male human from youtube.com sent me an email saying that submitting over 40 questions to the Republican debates is too many and to choose the top 5 and resubmit them.

More notes about Seeing, Hearing and Sending thought:
1) There is some evidence that people have figured out how to see, hear and send thoughts:
  a) In 1937 Andre Maurois wrote "The Thought Reading Machine" that talks about a scientist that makes a machine that hears thoughts.
  b) JFK says the scientists have probed "the inside of men's minds"
  c) "The President's Analyst" hints that the phone company has figured out how people can communicate by just thinking to each other.
  d) Carl Sagan in "Cosmos" (1985) says that decoding thoughts may one day be a possibility.
  e) The Serbian dollar with Pupin's image has beams of light emitting from the back of Pupin's head
  f) Yang Dan at UC Berkeley has published research on successfully seeing what a cat sees from behind the head.
  g) The Robin Williams movie "The Final Cut" shows how people record what people see and hear.
2) Even if not true, seeing and hearing thought, telepathy, is still a good and valid line of research that people in science should actively pursue, I think by starting to look electronically at different wavelengths of light emitted from the back of people's thoughts.
3) In addition, not only can thought be seen and heard, images and sounds can be sent directly to people's brains by a simple technique of neuron activation. Again, even if not true yet, people should figure out how to trigger a neuron to fire. The neuron evolved many years ago and is the same in all species with a nervous system. People in science should be trying to figure out how to remotely make a neuron fire, using beams of light. A squid neuron is a good starting point because they are large neurons.
4) They totally went right into seeing, hearing and sending thoughts, and that caught me off guard, I thought they were going to keep it hush-hush and that I might just barely mention it at the end of the show, so I didn't prepare many notes about it. All my notes and thoughts were focused on the debate and my youtube videos.

More notes about my controversial views:
1) I wish I had mentioned the debate question about letting people quit the military because it's slave labor if a person can't quit a job, imagine trying to quit Walmart or Sears and your supervisor tells you "ok but you are going to be jailed for going AWOL".
2) There wasn't time to talk about how I reject the big bang, expanding universe theory, because it seems ridiculous to think that the universe just ends, 15 billion light years away. There probably are other galaxies so far away that not one particle of light reaches our tiny telescopes from there.
3) The theory of relativity seems to me to be probably wrong, because it seems to me that light is matter, and particles of light are the basis of all matter. In additoin time and or space dilation seems wrong to me because what ever time it is here, is probably the same time that it is every where else in the universe.
4) A note about the moon and mars youtube debate question:
With those mars moon questions?... a lot of these ideas are coming from this project I am working on that I am calling "Universe, Life, Science, Future" which is going to be the first video describing the entire story of evolution, the history of science, and a predition of the future. And when I started thinking about the future...it amazed me...I realized, you know, that the earth is probably going to get filled up with people, and that the moon will be like the next new world...like the americas were to the europeans in the 1500s, where the US will colonize and make new cities and states there on the moon and mars...like maybe we will call them Newer York, and the Newest in New Jersey, although my own preference is tit city. But that's not all...then I figured out...I mean it doesnt take a genius to figure this stuff out, that our descendents will probably start to colonize the planets of all the nearest stars...and it's wild man...it's so wild...and wonderful. We might then move those stars using gravity to form a little quant globular cluster where we can then more easily scope out chicks of other star systems. and so that is what inspired those moon and mars questions.
None of the candidates said they had any plans to go to the moon or mars, and here if we are going to throw away a trillion dollars that we don't even have on war, we could have spent that money for moon and mars cities and thousands of people wouldn't be needlessly killed and the big machine companies would probably still get all the money. We need to look at the future, and occupying 3rd world nations on earth is not going to help us. other nations like china and japan are not wasting their money and lives on war with their neighbors, but looking to form satellite nations on the moon and mars, so when the US finally gets smart and goes to the moon, we will need to learn Japanese or obtain a Chinese passport to land, which is fine, I love Japanese and Chinese people and want to work together, but we should be better leveraged for the future there by owning and developing large parts of the moon and mars, and there on the moon and mars there are almost no habitats to worry about displaced species, because they are barren lifeless desserts (kind of like my sex life).
5) Just a final note about health care:
In terms of health care, that is a big topic, I'm in favor of a basic system of health care that provides a basic standard of living for all people. Michael Moore said it well, that if we can spend billions on war we can spend a few dollars for health care. To me the scariest part about health care now is the aspect about taxpayers funding a system where people are forced to take drugs they don't want to in the psychiatric system. So one of my questions was:
"Recently a woman in New York State was required by law to receive electroshock therapy against her objection. Do you support medical treatment on nonviolent people against their consent? Shouldn't we adhere to the Nuremberg laws outlawing health treatments without consent? "
So somehow I know taxpayers are going to be paying for millions of people who are forced to take drugs they don't want to and get treatments for experimental diseases that don't have a single physical diagnostic test that proves their existence. (in Nicholson accent) It's like one flew over the doodoo's nest man. People aren't often told that there is not one physical diagnostic test to prove a disorder like psychosis, neurosis, schizophrenia, adhd, manic depression...unlike tests for a broken boner, cancer, STDs, etc. So I think people need to wake up about the psychiatric system, and all it needs is the tiny simple switch: just make it consensual only, just stop forced treatment.

I'm trying to smooth out my impression of Bean:

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