08/11/10 I was on KUCI radio with Ziba Z!
Listen to the show here

07-25-2007 The Kevin and Bean show KROQ 106.7 in Los Angeles: see Kevin and Bean podcasts (the audio with me was edited out because its too hot!). Here is the audio: My appearance on the Kevin and Bean show

03-12-2003 Infidel Guy Internet Radio Show
"Infidel Guy" - My show was show #159

It has the text:
"Ted Huntington discusses with us a variety of issues, child pornography, ancient myths, robotics, mental health etc.
Some of the listeners expressed that they think Ted might need to some mental health treatments himself."

It's an amazing phenomenon how I turn around to see who is helping to lock my nonviolent ass in a hospital without a trial, subject to 4-point restraints, involuntary druggings, no charge, no trial, no sentence, nobody on the outside allowed to know I am even there...and who do I see helping to lock me up?...fellow atheists...damn that's cold. With friends like these who needs enemas? Just make sure there's no objection before you start drugging and operating on people, oy!
08/25/07 update: I mistakenly said that Spallanzani was burned at the stake, I confused Spallanzani with Michael Servetus.
08/03/16 update: The National Geographic video I was talking about is 1975 version of "The Incredible Human Machine", and the instrument that was used to capture the images (see the video clip) is, I now know, apparently called an Ophthalmoscope (invented in 1846) and captures images of what the human brain sees from the front of the eye. And what an amazing occurrence to find that just over 5 years later in 2008, actual movies of what a human eye sees captured from behind the head was done by Kamatani et al.see the timeline at for more details and clues about remote neuron reading and writing from the past.

08-27-2002 This is the audio from a radio show I called in on KUCI for the Dan Tsang show "Subversity" with Judith Levine, human that wrote "Harmful to Minors". I talk after 21:00.

05-20-2002 This is the audio from a radio show I was on KUCI with Eddie Tabash before the lecture.
Radio show

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