Some of My Scientific Papers

"Are living objects in globular clusters collecting other stars to consume, and should we be doing that too?" (preliminary thoughts)

"Is double-refraction actually a single refraction and reflection?" (preliminary thoughts)

"Can gravity be viewed as the result of particle collision?" (preliminary thoughts)

"Spectral line position depends on distance of light source - Bragg Equation Effect"

"Is Refraction actually Reflection?"

"Is Polarization the Result of an Electric and Magnetic Sine Wave or the Result of Particle Direction and Particle Reflection?"

"Modeling the Effect of Gravity on a Material Particle Beam with Regular Interval."

Three new papers! I decided to just release the abstracts, because I want to try and publish these papers to try to involve the scientific establishment in these issues. The diffraction paper I developed around 08/2007 and is not quite complete. I want to add more historical references if possible, but it is basically done. The Lobacevskii paper needs more development and historical references. The distinctness of mass and velocity is a more recent realization, and what an interesting and funny realization.

"Is Diffraction actually Reflection?"

"Mass is Conserved, and Velocity is Conserved, but can Mass and Velocity be Exchanged?"

"Attempt to disprove Lobacevskii's Parallel postulate Theory, and separating so-called non-Euclidean theory from curved line geometry"

"Is Lighting a Butane Lighter A Nuclear Reaction?"

"Planet Moves Star"

"Is the Universe Much, Much Older than 15 Billion Years Old?"

"Is the Inside of the Atom Static?"

"Is All Matter Made of Light?"

"Light Moves in a Sine Wave and has Amplitude?"

"Modeling DNA and Cell Copying with 3-D Cubes"

"Modeling Particles That Move at a Constant Velocity"

"Are Photons Matter, and Do They Obey Newton's Law of Gravity?"

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