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At first it sounds crazy, but could it possibly be, that many people see that image in your thought-bubble and hear your thought-audio, and have for many years but never showed or told you?
Is it possible that many people even figured out how to send images to that thought-bubble over your head, and sounds into your thought-audio, and even to make your individual muscles contract remotely using very small particle technology, but never showed or told the public?
Is it just crazy talk, or might it just possibly be a very large-scale, very long-lived, very secret segregation?

Latest News
January 29, 2016 Just a little update on my new video greeting below: Remote writing made me say "by placing a metal scalpel on the frog nerve leg" instead of "leg nerve". In addition, in hindsight, I wish I had added some more great biological truths, in particular that the ovum and sperm are probably very similar to our single-celled protist ancestor- that the entire nervous, muscular, circulatory, skeletal, etc. system evolved after in the amazing biological dance of gamete fusion. It would have been logical to add that not only are most of us against violence- but also in favor of consent-only labor.
January 9, 2016 Yay! I moved over to a new web host, Certified Hosting, and updated my video greeting, so check it out!
December 31, 2015 This is just to let every body know that about 2 years of my latest vlogs got deleted and I am in the process of changing web hosts. I do have backups of the vlogs and will upload them in the near future. And you can be sure that I am still cranking out plenty of new videos with more startling truths about this idea of remote neuron reading and writing, other massive frauds/lies, and current events.
October 9, 2014 Terrible to read about the WTC7 High rise safety initiative and the public's democratic choice to vote on it, being subverted by a few NYC government corrupt cogs (including the rotten Mayor). I updated more 9/11 truth links to the best movies and songs, and started to list the best heroes, worst villains, martyrs, and most shocking acce$$ories, so check it out- it's just scratching the surface of 9/11 and a few other big lies.
January 24, 2014 Take a look at all of the "Universe, Life, Science, Future" (and Ted Huntington/my) firsts including the mind-numbingly simple view that radio is nothing more than light particles from electric current that cause the photoelectric effect. The focus should be more on these important truths and less on me- I'm not looking for praise - like most people - I just want to know and talk about the truth, and to make other people aware of it too.
August 10, 2013 After 8 years of research and hard work, I finally have released "Universe, Life, Science, Future 5", the 4 hour version of the movie. See the movie page at ulsfmovie.org for all the movies and mp3 files. This includes about 1 hour of the entire story of evolution and a full 2 hours that tells a complete history of science. As far as I know, there is no free video that tells the entire story of evolution, in particular of the history of science, or even of the future. We live in a shockingly dim age, but many people don't realize it. I just released two new original songs too "Direct To Brain Windows" and "Nanocam". I'm now putting down this massive ULSF project which has taken up a large portion of my life, and all music performing and recording in order to focus on robot building.
March 11, 2013 I just released "Universe, Life, Science, Future 4", the 2 hour version of the movie. Wow what an effort that was. I think this is the best ULSF yet. I added new 3D animations, and many more (and updated) evolution, science, and future details.
January 8, 2013 I recently published 3 new books! "Big Science Secrets" tells all about the big science lies of our time: the red shift, relativity, time dilation, light is not material, etc. "Direct To Brain Windows" is perhaps the first book to talk openly about remote neuron reading and writing and direct to brain windows. Then there is a "2.0" book that gives more details about RNRAW and D2BW. All of the claims I refer to by other people are properly cited and include links to the original scientific papers. There are paperback versions, and also Ebook versions (unlike the paperback, in color and with clickable links) which are the lowest I could price them with Amazon at $1.99- because I am more interested in as many of the poor excluded public learning these great truths as possible ;( See my vlog for all my latest video comments too. These books set out in a nice, reasonable, conservative, and logical way to explain these overwhelming truths. Get ready for ULSF 4 the 2 hour version too- I'm busy recording the audio for it now.
August 1, 2012 After a lot of work I finally uploaded the first 60 minute version of ULSF. This video has more details about science, tells explicitly about the future development of remote neuron reading and writing, and includes some of the first free public videos of what Earth and the Sun might look like in the future.
May 2012 I had a great time jamming at the "Jam N' Jam" around the Arroyo Vista Amphitheatre at UC Irvine on May 12. I made a DIY shirt with images of D2B windows. Somehow the video camera wasn't on for the first part and I only got the last 1/3 of the "planned" show. But I replayed the show on my vlog at vlog for 5/12/2012. My 2 sound check songs are there, plus the video from the last part of the show- and then 4 or 5 extra songs because there was extra time.
April 2012 I got to jam at the Associated Graduate Students "One World Concert" and party. It was a fun time, and there was a lot of talent, and young bright minds from all over the Earth. See the video of the performance at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HAAahPzcCHI
March 2012 After five continuous years of weekly shows, my cable access show "Stop Violence, Teach Science" has been effectively prohibited from television- we got a letter from Cox stating that they won't accept shows from residents of Irvine (named "Ted Huntington") anymore. I have been talking with a person from the Irvine City board, but it doesn't seem likely that SVTS will be back on in the next few hundred years. It looks like its going to be up to the "followers of Jesus" and the "Libertarian Alternative" to carry the rest of the public access load. On a positive note, we did get to air the draft 30-minute version of ULSF twice before it went off the air.
11/02/2011 I've finally released the first 10-minute version of "Universe, Life, Science, Future", a project I have been working on for at least 7 years. Still to come are a 30-minute version (ULSF 2), a 1 hour version (ULSF 3), a 2-hour version (ULSF 4), and a 4-hour version (ULSF 5) - and possibly even an 8-hour version (ULSF 6). I don't think there there is any other video that I have ever seen that summarizes any of those three stories: evolution, science or the future, and that shocks me- it's an unusual feeling to have.
08/16/2011 Well everybody, I lost the "UCI's Got Talent" competition, but we did win a small victory in getting the message out to many people. As a consolation here's a Carefree panty liner ad that shows a woman with her panty-liner on her thought-screen.
06/08/2011 Ted auditions for "UCI's Got Talent" with "Where's Our Video"- Excluded raise eyebrows- everybody's mind made happy: Huntington audition. Check out the other contestants at: UCI's Got Talent (6 finalists)
05/16/2011 Two new videos: "Excluded Man Walks Past Included Woman" and "Into The Eyeball" Excluded Video and Into The Eye
05/10/2011 Huntington disproves "Big Bang Expanding Universe" theory with two $10 lamps from Target: Spectral line position depends on distance of light source - Bragg Equation Effect
02/11/2011 37 music videos from my "Freedom of Speech" collection are now on public access on Cox Cable channel 31 (and 96) 10:30pm every Tuesday.
01/22/2011 This blew my mind, there is a fan page for my music on Facebook.
My latest songs now have videos for public access on youtube: Latest music videos
08/11/10 I was on KUCI radio with Ziba Z!
02/26/10 My facebook page
Now if you are lonely, you can videophone me ("tedhuntington1") for free on Skype! I can almost smell the diaper now!
10/26/09 Ted's looking for a new girlfriend to break the D2B excludocide.
03/13/09 That what eyes see can be seen from behind the head remotely is now public (in the journal "Neuron" 12/2008), "reading from and writing to neuron cells"
01/17/09 I revist Teddy Charach - implicates Thane Cesar in the murder of RFK
08/26/08 New Songs!
05/11/08 See my new VLOG!
02/01/08 New Music Video!: "Don't Let Them Bring You Down"
07/25/07 I was on the "Kevin and Bean show" (KROQ 106.7) in Los Angeles!

Clip from the 1967 movie "The President's Analyst". Note that this is before many of us were even born.

05/16/2011: what an excluded guy walking past a d2b consumer woman might actually look like
One of Ted's 37 new music videos: "Where's Our Video?"

Are our thought-images and thought-sounds copyrighted?

Welcome to my webpage! (1/9/2016)

Ted plays UCI Student Center Crystal Cove Auditorium for AGS "One World Concert"

One of Ted's older movies: "Seeing, Hearing, and Sending Thought"

See Ted's animated music videos

ULSF 5: The 4 hour and longest version, many more details about the universe, evolution, the history of science, and the future

Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth, which I am a proud petition signer of

The 1973 Golden Globe nominated "The Second Gun", Ted Charach almost single-handedly showed the world the truth about Thane Cesar as the actual murderer of RFK

John Hankey's "JFK 2" shows how closely linked Bush Sr. was to the JFK murder.

Top Priorities:
1) Stop Violence (includes speaking out against, exposing, and stopping all violence (for example 9/11, Frank Sturgis {killer of JFK}, Thane Cesar {killer of RFK}, and all other unsolved or wrongly solved murders and assaults {including unconsensual spanking, sibling, belting, paddling and school assault}, includes registry of violent offenders, separating violent and nonviolent prisons and prisoners)
2) Seeing, Hearing, and Sending images and sounds to and from brains and remote muscle contraction (Remote Neuron Reading and Writing) (Figuring out how to do it, learning and teaching the public the history of this science)
3) Full Democracy (where the public gets to vote directly and constantly over the Internet {like using a credit card} on all government decisions, applying logic to laws so violent crimes receive far longer sentences that nonviolent crimes, which should only get small time sentences)
4) Complete Freedom of All Information (nobody imprisoned or fined for owning any image, including those images that violate national security, privacy, copyright, graphically violent image, or pornography laws. Cameras on all street lights, archived and easily accessible by the public. Includes freedom of speech, thought, scientific opinion, delusion, and religion)
5) Ending the Drug War (ending the jailing and fining of those consensually using drugs)
6) Ending the Prostitution War (Opening the free market for pleasure between consenting adults, similar to boxing for money but without the violence)
7) Making all health care consensual only, transforming psychiatric system to 'consent only' system (give all people right to trial, only jail if violating a law, ending unconsensual drug injection and four-point restraint of nonviolent people, offer consensual-only services such as feeding and cleaning)
8) Bringing science to the public. Making free movie for the public which details history of evolution, science and estimate into the future. (Promoting theory that all matter is made of light particles, that our future is becoming a multistar species that builds a globular cluster if we are successful, that the universe is probably infinite in size and scale, and that time dilation and the big bang theory are probably wrong.)
9) Showing people how many of the claims of religions are inaccurate, teaching the history of religions
10) Military reform (More like business: let people quit, let people reject orders w/o prison, transfer military law and court system to existing civilian system. Democratise: public votes on generals, high ranking employments)
11) Speaking out again antipleasurism/antisexuality, promoting anatomy, sex education, and consensual pleasure (includes stopping disproportionate sentences for nonviolent crimes as opposed to violent crimes and mistaken, unfounded traditional antipleasure popular beliefs)
12) Promoting gender, racial and language integration, harmony, and equality (includes promoting tolerance of and transition to democratic international "one letter=one sound" phonetic alphabet)
13) Building walking robots

Magazine cover from 1919

My Television Program: "Stop Violence, Teach Science"

Each Tuesday at 10:30 PM on Cox, Channel 31 or 96, in Orange County, California, USA
Note! Channel 31 is out for analog customers, but you can tune in public access on channel 96!

Sorry everyone!
March 2012: After five continuous years of weekly shows, Ted's cable access show "Stop Violence, Teach Science" has been effectively prohibited from television- we got a letter from Cox stating that they won't accept shows from residents of Irvine (named "Ted Huntington") anymore. We have been talking with a person from the Irvine City board, but it doesn't seem likely that SVTS will be back on in the next few hundred years. It looks like its going to be up to the "followers of Jesus" and the "Libertarian Alternative" to carry the rest of the public access load. On a positive note, we did get to air the draft 30-minute version of ULSF twice before it went off the air.

Sunday 8:00 PM on Time Warner (Comcast) (Channel 24) in Los Angeles
Los Angeles has stopped the requirement of cable access videos from LA cable companies, and still continues to protect Thane Eugene Cesar and write to neurons without the victim's knowledge or permission.

Feel free to send me messages, I like to talk with every body.

Ted Huntington

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